Projects 1

In the following pages I will keep you up to date with projects, plans and progress.

Let's start with past projects. For most of these plans are not available yet, as all info was lost during many moves, and they have to be redrawn. Most plans will be available as PDF files and SketchUp models.(Mail us)


Dovetail Jig
Trousseau Chest.

During the latter part of 1998, my brother's daughter turned 21, and my late mother and I decided to give her a trousseau chest for her birthday. After shopping around a bit, we realized that it was not such a hot item at that stage. The ones that were available were mainly made of cheap Pine or melamine.

That was not exactly what we had in mind, so we decided to share the project, with mom buying the material and me doing the design and this is what I came up with.

Time was of the essence, as I had only one month to finish the project. The main consideration was to use traditional techniques, and dovetails topped the list.

Hand cutting about 96 dovetails was out of the question, and while browsing through a woodworking magazine, I saw an advert for a cheap dovetail jig. Due to the time constraint, importing this from the USA was also out of the question.

Using that jig as an example I designed my own jig, and it worked like a charm. A few years later I realized that it resembles similar jigs sold by MLCS and Keller.

Free PDF Plan for Jig here.
Free PDF Plan for Chest here.
Oval Coffee Table
Oval Coffee Table

During the early part of 1998, a customer approached me with a simple request for an oval coffee table in a dark wood. Her lounge suite was made of Walnut, and despite all her efforts, she could not find an oval table in a dark wood type. I decided to use an indigenous wood species called Namibian Kiaat, or commonly known as Dolfwood.

The plan that was used for dimensions and style, appeared in Wood Magazine. (Wood Magazine, Winter 1997, Issue 102, Pg 43)

The changes that were made, were to replace the top with solid wood, instead of plywood. They used plywood to create a "sunburst" effect. I didn't care for that because it would have defeated the purpose. (Straight lines on the suite vs. sunburst on the table.)
Slide Gate
Cousin's Gates

During early 2009 a cousin of mine, also living at the coast, was tired of the hole in the wall where the metal gates had disappeared completely. Yip, the coastal weather and steel is not a particularly good combination. She asked me to please rescue the situation, and came up with an idea which I refined to produce this interesting concept.

Meranti was the wood of choice, as it is fairly durable in the coastal conditions. For gluing the project, a proper waterproof glue was chosen, and for finishing I opted for a clear Marine (Spar) varnish.

Download free PDF plan here.
My Gate
New Gate for my Property

Living in Walvis Bay is not always easy. Being a coastal town, rust is a major problem, thus anything built from metal will not last very long, except Stainless Steel which is exorbitantly expensive.
As can be seen, the design is completed, the material procured and after some trails and tribulations the gate is complete and operating smoothly.

Download free PDF here
Download free SketchUp Model